I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Kind-hearted People Help Animals =D

Man Helps Mother Horse Save Her Trapped Baby

He arrived just in time.
Co-scripted by Sarah V SchweigFootage provided by Jukin Media

Goat Dangling From Power Line Doesn't Get What The Big Deal Is


Fish Gets Trapped In Net And His Friend Won't Leave His Side

Fish have feelings too. To find out more about this story, click here.
Special thanks to CoreSea. Follow them on Facebook. Co-scripted bySarah V Schweig.

        Suriana's Note:
        • This is a repost from: Man Helps Mother Horse Save Her Trapped Baby, Goat Dangling Power Line Doesn't Get What The Big Deal Is, Fish Gets Trapped In Net And His Friend Won't Leave His Side
        • This kind of story is adorable and inspiring. Human should be kind towards other creature (animals, plants and nature) especially those in need of help. 
        • In the first video, even a simple act gives happiness to the pony, the horse, the kind men and us that watching it. Kind man help animals!
        • For the second video, the folks work in team to save the stuck goat. It seems not an easy rescue but fortunately end with a happy ending. Alhamdulillah.. =D
        • The third video, the kind snorkeler endangering himself to save the trapped puffer fish. The fish's friend seems sad and loyal. It shows he patiently wait for his friend and he seems trust the snorkeler that he didn't puff-up his body. However in this kind of dangerous situation, prioritize your safety first and think of any ways you can help without putting yourself in danger. However it seems the kind snorkeler did take precaution, maybe a pro or he just a kind brave man! 
        • Im sure all the rescuer back with a blessing heart full of happiness, experience, proud and more love towards animals and nature. They deserve respect and thumb up for their courage and kindness. The rescued animlas on the other hand must be grateful to wish a good luck to their hero. 
        • Be kind towards animals and may you be blessed! =D

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